We were first and
we are still the best
Simplete Horse Feed
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We were first and
we are still the best
"Simplete is a 2 lb a day supplement that features everything your horse needs except high quality hay & water."
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A perfect combination of Oats, Extruded Soybeans, Probiotics & Prebiotics, Omega 3 Oils and the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard, Simplete is truly simple, complete and concentrated nutrition for your horse.
Flix treats are made of 100% flaxseed. These treats are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which promote shiny coats, help alleviate stiff joints. Flax is full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. These are truly healthy treats your horses will come running for!
About Us
Horse Guard is a family company focused on manufacturing the best horse supplements. Since 1978, founder, Del Johnson, has built Horse Guard on a foundation of nutritional science and the love of happy, healthy horses. Daughters, Ty Johnson and Dr. Kelsey Nonella are continuing the family tradition of producing the best horse supplements. They strive to spread knowledge about great nutrition to all horse owners, ultimately helping to achieve happy, healthy horses.
Horse Guard has many firsts in the horse supplements industry
The introduction of the very first OTC equine selenium supplement
The first complete supplement for hoof health
The first weight gain product
The first supplement with organic selenium
Here’s What Customers Say
"We started our horses on Horse Guard, then after learning about Simplete I’ve made the switch! It makes feeding time so much easier now that they all get the same thing! We had problems loading my daughter’s horse for her first horse show this spring, so we made last minute switch and grabbed my gelding out of the pasture. No bath, no clippers just Simplete and some good old fashion elbow grease and our boy shined right up!"
Mica Brawley
"Love the ease of Simplete! It has my supplement, Horse Guard and 
my energy feed product!"
Ashley Lang
 "I started using Simplete on my calf horses last fall and I really like the way they act and feel this year. The horse I really noticed was on is a young calf horse. I had troubles getting the weight on him no matter if I was ridding or not and in the summer he wouldn’t shead off very well. Well this winter he put on weight and looked good. Came spring time he started shedding and he is slicked off and looks the best he has ever looked. Thanks to horse guard for getting my horses feeling better so the perform better in the arena."
Chad Finley
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